how do we make sense of the complex interconnections between costs, raw materials, production and environmental goals?

We use knowledge graphs to track, visualise, analyse and illustrate LCA goals. Our software can model many different scenarios quickly and contextualise changes across the product production cycle and supply chains, right down to carbon metrics of individual components and raw materials.

Knowledge graphs enable the discovery of brand new relationships within complex processes, leading to powerful new insights unavailable using other tools.

examples of some of the problems we solve

The construction industry accounts for 7% of the total CO2 emissions annually due to the heavy use of concrete. We model alternatives to – and reduce dependency on – concrete.

avoidance of “greenwashing”

We review and address greenwashing claims for companies and global enterprises who are setting net zero targets, allowing organisations to make claims that stand up to rigorous scrutiny but also drive actual ‘change for good’.

Projects are often subject to manual assessments and overly-generalised LCA software. Our processes and techniques go much further. We ensure that all modelling and data is accurate and valid. Everything we do stands up to scrutiny by domain experts and is transparent and credible.

We ensure that the analysis and findings we do can be effectively shared between engineering and sustainability teams across organisations. We aim to drive meaningful operational change, not simply provide corporate reporting.

We can calculate fully verified and third-party validated ‘carbon offsets’, which can then be traded on carbon exchanges.

We also make sure the focus is on the full picture – the total environmental cost (incorporating impacts such as toxicity levels, transportation, use of water and deep-level dependencies and supply chains) not just the global warming aspects.

We join-the-dots through superior data sourcing, meticulous connective models, insightful data visualisation, and wide-ranging partner expertise. This makes us a powerful consultancy to help drive your business forward.


We’re constantly improving our systems and software. For instance, we're building machine learning features directly into our platform to reduce time, cost and complexity, and to speed up development of new models and pathways.

Software development and data science moves at a rapid pace, and we keep up with the latest approaches to stay on the leading edge of what we do.

Leadership Team

St-John Williamson

St-John has 30 years’ experience working in the Defence and Aerospace industry. He has an international, multicultural background, having worked for major companies in the UK, France, Australia and the Czech Republic. He has a successful track record of winning business in all the companies in which he has worked.
St-John is also a fluent French speaker and is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society
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Baz Khuti

Baz is a technology and business visionary, with over 30 years of technology experience across the UK, US and Asia. Baz has a proven track-record of developing software platforms and industrial applications at scale through the architecture and design of pioneering technologies. He has launched leading software products from idea to industry standard, with six industrial software patents and winning a number of industry awards. He holds a MSc in computer science.
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Nick Revelas
Chief Revenue Officer

Nick is a seasoned executive with 25 years of global solution selling experience. He has led successful initiatives in various industries, spanning engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and environmental safety. Skilled in leveraging data and technology, he unites organizations at the highest levels to drive positive business outcomes. Previous roles include positions at Rolls-Royce, Chevron, and Aveva.
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William Puglia
Chief Product Officer

Bill has 25+ years' leadership experience at SAIC, Rolls-Royce and PAREXEL where he has launched numerous 'first of kind’ digital solutions utilizing risk modeling, data science and simulation to enable new business models that deliver competitive advantage in multiple industries (nuclear power, aerospace, oil and gas, pharma). Bill holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He was elected to the Rolls-Royce Engineering Fellowship
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Dr Samer Aljishi
President, BFG International

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Professor Seeram Ramakrishna

FREng Everest Chair. Professor & Chair of Circular Economy Taskforce, National University of Singapore
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